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Most graduate business schools use scores on the GMAT to help them determine your academic aptitude for graduate work. Each school has its own performance standards; the higher your GMAT score the greater the number of schools that may be interested in you. Graduate schools are also very interested in your undergraduate GPA and give that more weight in their consideration; however, your GPA has usually been established by the time you apply and cannot be changed. But your GMAT score can be improved.

The GMAT is considered highly challenging--not only because you must work within rigid time constraints, but also because you must contend with unfamiliar test material and wording that may appear confusing in both the math and verbal sections.

Test Preparation Services workshops cover all sections of the GMAT. In addition, we explain the differences between computer-adaptive tests, like the GMAT, and the classroom tests that you are familiar with. We debunk common myths about computer adaptive tests (i.e., focus primarily on the first few questions) and offer valuable strategies for success, including knowing when to guess intelligently.

GMAT Workshop Topics


Our workshop includes an embedded review of fundamental mathematics including:

1. Arithmetic - working fractions, square roots and percentage problems, ratios, basic combinatorics and probability.
2. Algebra - solving linear problems, linear equations, quadratic equations and word problems.
3. Geometry - formulas and relationships occurring with triangles, rectangles, circles, and other plane figures.

Problem Solving

You will learn to identify key elements of questions, spot common pitfalls, and learn how and when to use approximations or alternate techniques to identify correct answers. You will also learn when to guess. Diagramming and other informal solution methods will be discussed, and special attention will be given percentage problems, algebra problems, and other common types of word problems.

Data Sufficiency

You will become comfortable and familiar with directions and answer choices and learn how to identify the minimal information required for solving a problem. You will also be trained to identify algebraic relationships without using formal equations and to use numeric substitutions and other strategies to analyze the data presented.


Reading Comprehension

Because your reading skills will strongly affect your performance on the GMAT, you will learn reading strategies that will help you locate correct answers quickly. You will learn to determine the main idea of a passage, analyze its structure, and describe its tone. You will learn to identify ideas the author implies or suggests in order to make accurate inferences. In addition, you will gain familiarity with question types and learn the appropriate strategies for answering each type of question correctly. Finally, you will learn methods of enhancing concentration and building recall of passage material, techniques critical for success on the computer-adaptive GMAT.

Sentence Correction

Composition specialists will teach you how to recognize the correct sentence in each set--you do not need to be an English major to do well on this section! You do not need to know how to correct dozens of grammatical and stylistic errors--just the limited number tested by the GMAT. We'll show you how to run up points on this section as you become familiar with common question types. Detailed grammar and style review included.

Critical Reasoning

In addition to reviewing principles of informal logic, you will learn how to identify common question types and learn strategies for correctly answering each type. In addition, you will learn how to identify assumptions and implications in a given passage; determine soundness of conclusions; identify facts that may weaken or strengthen given arguments; and adopt reading strategies that develop speed and accuracy of judgment.

Analytical Writing Assessment

You CAN write under pressure. Professional writing teachers will show you how to generate ideas quickly and organize those ideas into high-scoring essays. To prepare for the Analysis of an Issue, you will learn how to draw on many sources (such as personal experience, reading, current events and history) to generate persuasive evidence and examples to support your thesis. To prepare for the Analysis of an Argument, you will learn how to identify the given argument’s logical flaws and organize your discussion of them into a well-written critique. Time management skills will be emphasized.


  Test Preparation Services now offers private tutoring by our excellent staff of college teachers. Cost: 75.00/hr. Minimum: 4 hrs. Call 248-620-0123 for details  

  Schedule 2012-2013  
  GMAT New 2012-2013 GMAT class dates to be determined


To Register

Consult our website: www.testpreparationservices. com and click onto “registration.”

You may register by credit card using this registration page.

By Fax: For your convenience you may print a registration page (included in this website) and fax it to us directly at 248-620-1299.

By Mail: Include name and number of workshop selected, your address and telephone numbers (include a daytime and evening number) Mail with check (payable to Test Preparation Services, Inc.) or VISA/MasterCard information (number, expiration date, name of cardholder and signature to:

Test Preparation Services, Inc.
7111 Dixie Hwy., #142
Clarkston, MI 48346By Telephone:
Call (248) 620-0123 to register using Visa/Mastercard.


Confirmation, campus map and paid receipt will be sent by mail.

Refund Policy

Full refund of tuition prior to first meeting of workshop. No refund thereafter.


Registration for a test preparation workshop DOES NOT register you for the GMAT exam itself. Check GMAT website for information on registering for the GMAT.

Your Guarantee

Your top performance is our only goal! Achieve the score you want or repeat the workshop once at no extra charge. You will be able to purchase new materials if needed.

Note: Although it is rarely necessary, we occasionally must cancel a class with low enrollment. If we do, you will be given two days notice; you will always be able to reschedule for another class.